Monday, January 31, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say--Elisha Edition

My youngest son, Elisha, is our family comedian.  He's only 4, but he's adds a lot of fun to our house.

Lately, he's been sticking his hands under cold water at the bathroom sink to make them nice and chilly before sneaking up on Tara and putting them on her back so she screams.  It's hard to correct him when your chuckling yourself.  He also likes to tickle her stomach when she's standing next to the boys' bed at night to pray with Ethan, who is on the top bunk.

On Saturday we went sledding as a family and Elisha accidentally hit a girl with his sled at the bottom of the hill.  We talked about it yesterday at lunch--here's his take on it.  "Dad, do you remember when I hit that girl with the sled and she started crying?"  ("Um, yes, I do son--it just happened yesterday," I thought.)  "She didn't move out of my way--that wasn't very so smart."

"I think I need some help," said Elisha (see picture), after he came downstairs last night after being "asleep" for an hour.

Got to love it.

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