Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Inspiration

The past month or more I have been in a bit of a creative lull (hence not blogging).  It seems I've had to struggle for every little ounce of creativity coming out, but some fresh reading, continued time with God, and challenged thinking has me starting to go again.

What's more is that I've had the privilege of watching God move in the lives of kids--something that always inspires me.  In Kid City this month, we're talking about ways we can live our lives as if other people are more important than we are...humility.  In big church this month, we're talking about giving, which is in the same vein.

On Sunday our adults were challenged to give their shoes they were wearing to be sent to the people of Japan who are homeless (and many shoeless) right now because of the devastation presently there.  Last night the kids that made it to Phase 2 rubber banded all the shoes together in preparation for shipping.  One student even put his dollar inside his shoe "so a Japanese boy could get something special for himself!"  That is putting someone's needs ahead of your own, the kind of gesture that I know makes our Father proud!

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