Monday, April 18, 2011

What the Cross Means for Kids

Yesterday in Kid City we talked about the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for each of us.  I wanted the kids to really try and process it.  As I talked about the events on that day in history, I passed around rough ropes like the ones that would have been used to tie Jesus up, crowns of thorns like the ones Jesus would have worn, and large nails like the ones that would have been used to hold Him on the cross.

I don't believe there was anything scary presented, and none of the kids showed any fear.  But you should have seen the intensity in some of their eyes.  My goal was to use the sensory learning skills that we all possess, so they could remember this for a long time.  (Like how you can remember the way something felt or smelled years later.)  I wanted the kids to feel some of what Jesus felt, so they could try and grasp how horrible our sin is and the great price Jesus paid.

We closed the morning with the kids taking paper and crayons and writing down their response to what Jesus did for them.  Some of them wrote one word answers like "Grateful" or "Thanks."  Others wrote sentence prayers describing their feelings, and some sketched out pictures to express their emotions.  Then they brought those up front and stapled them to a cross we had in the front of our theatre as a way to honor Christ.  It was a pretty cool morning as many young hearts were stirred in true worship of their Savior.  Can you believe that we all can be forgiven of everything in our past and future because one perfect God-Man sacrificed Himself for us?

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