Saturday, April 16, 2011

Parenting is Hard!

One of the roles I have at our church is meeting with all the potential members coming into our church.  It can be really rewarding hearing all the stories of how God's grace has changed the lives of so many people.  He really is an awesome God!
Yesterday, I talked with two different families--both remarkable stories of grace and both hurting because of  choices made by their adult children.  All of these parents would admit they weren't perfect, but both of them were godly in their parenting and tried to do things the right way.  We can't control our kids and the choices they make--although we wish we could.  It's so rewarding when they follow God, but it's equally devastating when they don't.  Take a moment to pray for the parents and kids you know whose relationship is strained because someone is walking away from God.  There is always hope--no person is EVER too far from God's reach (see Luke 15)!

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